Proyecto 20 
A contemporary documental photography of 20 years old Spanish (Valencia) young lady.
When a girl is 20 years old, she will feel confused. The love of relationship, family, and career. Everything will make her feel confused. She could be the girl of every novel in this contemporary world. The popular soul in this era. In different media, we could find this kind of girl. They have their unique thinking of this era. They are belonging this era and future.
20 is the age that a girl changes to a woman. It's the time to change.
Even in a darkest time, the body of the model will be manifested to the trend of this contemporary world and personal character.

I use ski-mask bikini to manifest the foreign culture (China Modern Culture) and the sexy icon for sex-violence of 20 years old young lady in Valencia, Spain. Not only happen in local people also same age of foreign woman in recent year.  The dark and low light background means these criminal events and the photographer uses an angle of criminal to watch this woman.
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